Mother Of Teen Killed On Boardwalk Blames Smoking Ban

A distraught mother of a teenage girl caught in the crossfire of a shooting on the Brighton Beach boardwalk says her daughter would be alive today if law enforcement officers weren't distracted by the parks smoking cigarettes ban. "They so worried about someone smoking cigarettes a cigarette when they should have been looking for guns," a tearful Cynthia Jones told the Post. Her daughter, Tysha, 16, was fatally wounded by a stray bullet, and four other men in their 20s were wounded, one critically.

Yesterday police arrested Iloune Driver, a 19-year-old East New York man with nine prior busts for gun, drug and robbery charges. Driver, whom police say is a Crips gang member, was collared while working at a Checkers restaurant in his neighborhood. He's been charged with second-degree murder and assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. Investigators are still on the hunt for at least one other shooter suspected in the Thursday shooting, which they believe was sparked after someone broke a bottle over someone's head on the hottest day of the year.

Police sources tell the Times, "The gunmen’s targets appeared to be a group of young men and women sitting on a railing. There was at least one common member in that group and the one involved in the earlier fight." And PIX 11 reports that as Driver was being led out of the police station last night, he "cried out above the sound of camera shutters and shouting reporters" to insist, "It wasn't me. It wasn't me."

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